• Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan: Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan is the Provincial Sport Governing Body for canoe and kayak in Saskatchewan. Our goal is to encourage participation and develop excellence in the sport of canoe and kayak and to enable participants to realize personal excellence. Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan oversees the activities related to Sprint Racing (Flatwater), Marathon, Whitewater and Recreation (Paddle Canada) paddling. Our members consist of competitive athletes, novice and developing athletes, recreation paddlers and enthusiasts, coaches, officials and supporters.
  • Paddle Canada: Paddle Canada is Canada’s national professional standards and accreditation body for recreational paddle sports. Nearly 2,000 Paddle Canada certified instructors deliver sanctioned canoe, kayak and stand up paddleboarding courses to more than 10,000 paddlers across Canada annually. Paddle Canada courses provide nationally accredited and internationally recognized certifications in all major canoe, kayak and stand up paddleboarding sub-disciplines.
  • Canoe Saskatchewan: a great resource for routes & trips, canoe outfitters, archaeology and Saskatchewan waterways.
  • Canadian Canoe Routes: this resource contains hundreds of route descriptions, trip reports, gear information and reviews, recipes, tips, tricks and techniques and active discussion forums. In addition there is a wealth of Route Resource Information. All of Canada is included & selected areas of the US.  And of course, the heart & soul of CCR is its members – a large community of paddlers from across the country & even quite a few from other countries – in particular, our neighbour to the south, the US!
  • Toporama: The National Topographic System (NTS) provides general-purpose topographic map coverage of Canada. These new maps are the next generation of the Centre for Topographic Information’s Toporama product. The maps depict, in detail, ground relief (landforms and terrain), drainage (lakes and rivers), forest cover, administrative areas, populated areas, transportation routes and facilities (including roads and railways), and other constructed features.