Getting out on the water is one of the things that you have to do in La Ronge during the summer! And canoeing is one of the best ways of enjoying the lake. Its great fun & great exercise. You may want to join our Wed. evening races (& learn marathon canoeing), learn how to canoe or just take short trips on Thurs. evenings, take longer Club trips or just go out alone or with your family.

This is a great opportunity! Membership is cheap, the Marina is only a few minutes from town & the protected waters of McGibbon Bay are only a few feet away. Good paddling & we’ll see you on the water!

Membership (includes Eagle Point Marina Parking Pass):

  • Single: $70
    Couple: $120
    Family: $150
  • Club canoes and equipment are stored at Eagle Point Marina.  All membership fees include parking at Eagle Point Marina.

Equipment Rules:

  • Club members are responsible for any damage that occurs while they are using a canoe.
  • Only members can use canoes, but a guest can be in the same canoe, with the member taking full responsibility.

Locking Canoes:

  • You will receive the combination lock number to the canoes and shed at time of your sign-up as a member of Pimiskatan Canoe Club. (Note: The combination is changed from year to year.)
  • When taking the canoes out be sure to re-lock the other canoes, before your leave.
  • Also remember to relock the shed that contains the paddles & life jackets.
  • Remember to both lock and tie the canoe, bow & stern in the canoe shed; otherwise it may fall when other canoes are being removed.
  • To lock the canoe, run the chain around a thwart and lock to the rack.

Canoe Care:

  • Please ensure that canoe is floating & not resting on anything, before you get in or out.
  • Carry the canoe over land, do not drag it.
  • When landing on shore, stop before you touch shore, step out into water and let your partner out.
  • Never pull canoe up on shore while people or gear are still in the canoe.
  • Once you have emptied the canoe, lift it to the shore and tie to something secure.
  • Canoe seats and thwarts are very fragile and cannot be stepped on.
  • Our Club canoes are mainly lightweight fibreglass; one is Kevlar (green, “EB’s Sail and Sport”). These expensive materials are great to paddle in, however require extra care and attention, as they can crack, puncture, rip or be scraped.
  • The 2 Royalex canoes, are for overnight use and are more durable, but are not indestructible. They should last a few lifetimes if used properly. Note: We do not have insurance for these canoes.


  • Paddles should only touch water when in use. To be safe when not in use, they should be leaning against something so they are not accidentally stepped on.
  • Bent shafts are especially fragile and best used for racing.
  • When solo canoeing be sure to bring an extra paddle.

Overnight Use:

  •  ONLY the 2 Royalex canoes, with skid plates, can be used overnight, for up to 4 nights: the green Old Town and the red Nova Craft Tripper.
  • You must sign them out in paddle shed and can book out them in advance. Members Only.
  • The other canoes are for day use only, unless it is a canoe club organized and sanctioned group trip.
  • It is mandatory to have a proper roof rack and to tie canoes down, in 4 places, with non-slip knots (truckers hitch and half hitches), if you are transporting a canoe. You are responsible for any damages.

Safety Equipment:

  • The orange safety kits, paddles, and life jackets are required by law to be in the canoe when in use.